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Here is a video I built entirely in Storyline and Audacity for sound. The details of the DDDM.

Teamie LMS Review

Discussion Starters to Help Your Learners Become Exceptional Digital Citizens

Digital citizenship includes a host of practices and procedures that digital media users should employ to respect and protect themselves, others, and to preserve the intellectual property and rights of online content.  International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) makes Digital Citizenship an essential learning in today’s classroom.  As a Digital Citizen, ISTE suggests that students [...]

ISTE: Supporting 21st Century Teaching, and Learning

The New Global Economy is calling for us to renovate our Education System by creating Empowered Learners. The International Society for Technology in Education (ITSE) provides a framework for accomplishing this task with guiding principles dedicated to all levels of education, from the student to the state level.  2016 initiated the release of updated and [...]

4 Ways You Can Help Keep Your Student’s Data Safe

In the age of information, we have lots of work to do to help keep our student's data safe.  With the emergence of education technologies and the advancement of web 3.0, data is currency.  Big data, is big money.  In the recent years, some of our most beloved classroom apps have left our students data [...]

Reaching All Students with Technology?

CAST (2018). Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.2. Retrieved from Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is more than effective pedagogy, it is a framework that focuses on lowering the barriers to learning for all learners.  UDL considers the neuroscience behind learning to create a blueprint that addresses the individuality of each learner.  UDL has [...]

Fusing Technology Into Inquiry, Problem, and Project Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), Problem Based Learning (PBL), and Project Based Learning (PjBL) are all leaves of the same branch, student centered learning.  As with many concepts in the classroom, they can be enhanced and transformed with the use of technology.  Before expanding on the types of tools that may prove to be helpful in [...]